Thursday, September 26, 2013

Excellent opportunity income potential of $100,000+ in GIS Education & Consulting

Are you:
  • Interested in potential earning of $7500+ per week?
  • Skilled in ArcGIS?
  • Skilled in oral and written communication?
  • Interested in spreading the word about GIS, teaching and ready to be your own boss?
Then consider this:
  • Use proven methods and materials developed by a prominent provider (Kessler GIS) of GIS education
  • Teach on-line and on-site classes without the huge time investment in materials development – just add your own flair
  • Use classes to build your consulting and coaching business
  • Obtain a client list of approx. 3500 contacts
  • Receive a library of GIS books, GIS training materials, consulting and event planning books
  • Use contract formats proven effective for a small business
  • Receive consultation for on-line delivery methods
  • Receive interactive coaching from a long-time successful GIS educator
  • This is only for one person or group
As a teacher of GIS and ArcGIS for almost 30 years, I have developed and copyrighted a number of successful classes. I am retiring and this is your opportunity to use my materials as a foundation for your business. Most of the course materials are for ArcGIS Desktop v10.1. You have a great opportunity right now to upgrade the materials to v10.2 and add your own flair without the huge investment of time developing the classes. Lectures and demos are developed. Exercises are developed with chapters/page/index with information helping comprehension and learning. Exercises have numerous review questions to help engage students. I have invested the time into the lecture notes with supporting information. To help assess learning, I have written quizzes. You will receive copyrights for the course materials and many other business components. Please see my website for information on the courses and their content.

I am not interested in a partnership, partial payments, or pay-as-you-go. Therefore you must purchase the content in whole. I am looking for realistic offers from people understanding what it is to run your own business or who truly want to learn.

I want to see you succeed and will help you in many ways. This is a business needing many skills: marketing, sales, website management, accounting, and of course GIS are among a longer list of skills. You should be willing to develop those skills, or be able to partner with others.

For more details on deliverables, support, purchase or other questions, please contact Bruce Kessler at to schedule a discussion time. Please do not call without an appointment.

Kindest regards to all.

Bruce Kessler
Kessler GIS