Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Metadata! (Did I say UGH...?)

Yes, metadata... something most of us dread. The project is done, the data is done and we're oh, so tired of it! We've probably overrun our time allotment and the boss is yelling at us. Additionally, we just don't get all the changes, etc. that ESRI has run us through.

Well, I get it and I'm in the same boat. But we should and must do metadata. So here's a couple of recordings that may help you understand metadata better and be able to edit it smoothly. (I will admit I haven't watched the entirety of these three videos, but I will.)

Sara Moulton, GISP from Vermont Agency of Transportation posted these on VGIS-L and I just had to add them to my blog. Enjoy!

Working with Metadata in ArcGIS

Leveraging Metadata Standards in ArcGIS for Interoperability

Creating and managing FGDC metadata in ArcGIS

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